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Purple Planet

Hi, I'm


(AKA Mars)

I build and design spacecraft instruments.

I'm a Chemical Engineer in the Los Angeles area who has worked on a Mars Rover and various projects for the International Space Station.

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About Me


I earned my B.S and M.S in Chemical Engineering from Long Beach State and USC. 


Within my 6 years at NASA Jet Propulstion Laboratory, I have worked on the design, build and integration of many different projects. 

I am a second-generation Filipino American. I hope to influence other women of color to become engineers and share my  passion for STEM. 


My projects

Here are some projects

I've worked on 


My Skills

Integration and Testing, CAD Design, SolidWorks, NX SIEMENS Teamcenter, Integration and Testing, Part Design, Prototyping, Fluid Systems, High Pressure Systems, Vacuum Systems, LabVIEW, Data Analysis, MATLAB SimScape, Excel, Life Support Systems, Advanced Environmental Systems, Systems Modeling, Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Cleanroom Operations


My Papers

International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 2021

Data Analysis and Isotopic Ratios Measured Onboard the Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor

International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems 2021

MEMS Preconcentrator and Gas Chromatograph Chips for the Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor

International Conference on Environmental Systems 2020

Photocatalytic Oxidation Using TiO2 and UV for Total Organic Carbon Analysis of Water

Update on the Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor Technology Demonstration Project

International Conference on Environmental Systems 2019

The Technology Demonstration of the Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor



Engineering Tools
Engineer Working on Machinery
Engineering Plans

My Training

ESD Control, Cleanroom, Mate De-mate, Anomaly Investigation, Pressure Safety, High Voltage,

Hydrogen Safety, Human Factors in Mishaps & Close Calls

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